4 Must-have Accessories to Wear at Work

When it comes to working, there is always a concern over professional skills, since it is through these qualities that we want to be recognised. But,  our image (outfit, accessories, makeup) adds to the way people recognise ourselves as a professional too. So, it is essential to choose carefully our outfit and accessories for work.

However, we know that it is not always easy to choose the right accessory for the work. Some pieces do not suit the environment or differ from the style of clothing you wear, but when worn correctly, it can be a great way to dress up a plain outfit and turn it into something more sophisticated.

We suggest that you plan your one-week outfits (including accessories) to save time in the mornings. Also, select accessories that make you look elegant and professional, but always considering the comfort, simplicity and low-maintenance when choosing them for work.


So which accessories are most suitable for work?

Try to have the common sense to know what applies to your style and work environment. Always remember the main rule that is to try and limit your outfit to not more than three pieces.

To help you figure this out, we’ve rounded up our top 4 most appropriate accessories for work. We are sure that these tips will help you look smart, confident and poised.


Delicate Necklaces

Delicate necklaces are a basic item for work and everyday life too. The beauty of a simple pendant is you can wear it all the time and with any outfit. Adhering to simple and minimalist styles add elegance to your look without having to be extravagant. Simple and delicate!


Shocker Necklaces

Are you fan of the chockers and you think that they are not suitable for professional outfits? Forget it! Chockers meant for work, casual or modern style and so on.

You just need to choose the correct one and dress in your elegant and chic work clothes. The simplest is the best option. They give a sophisticated tone to your work look!


Small Earrings

Small earrings add elegance to your outfit and a great option to wear for work. Besides being a piece that saves us in busy days!

So, if it is to err that is by choosing the simplest. It also means that you can pair them with a necklace, as we mentioned above or with your favourite headbands.



The bracelets bring a delicacy and beauty to the arms and they are great pieces to incorporate into the work look. However, try not to overflow or use one that makes a lot of noise (your co-workers will not enjoy the sound of bracelets clinking with every move you make!

Now that you have read our tips, take a look at our Website and purchase exclusive accessories to match your work environment.

Research says that dressing is one of the most powerful tools of non verbal communication. So never ever underestimate your corporate look!