How to Wear Glasses and Earrings Together

Let’s talk about one thing that a lot of women face:

How do you wear earrings with glasses? It’s not easy, I know but yes… You can wear glasses and earrings together and look great in them.

Anything too big or with a lot of information on it will naturally compete with your frames, making your look feel over-accessorized. So, here we are with some tips which may help you to get the right results you’re looking for:

Glasses are an Accessory

If you wear them all the time, then you may just forget about your glasses. They become, in effect, just part of you. But, you have to remember that they are an accessory as well. So, you need to be careful adding earrings, this will add another visual element to your face. Glasses and earrings shouldn’t be fighting each other for attention.  

Dangly Earrings

Dangly earrings and glasses can work well together. You can use long earrings when the focus is on the bottom of the drop. Doing that, you can help to create space between your spectacles and your earrings, allowing both looking great together, just creating the focus down to your neck. If you want to use large earrings which sit fairly close to your glasses, it can make your face look busy.

Earrings , Glasses and Make-Up

You can wear your glasses, earrings and makeup together, the key, as with any outfit choice, is to find the right  balance. You can wear light makeup and choose one item to concentrate on. For example, you can wear thick dark blue glasses, delicate earrings and neutral makeup. Or you can wear clear/delicate glasses, with long earrings ( focus down the neck) and red lipstick. One good tip is: never use dark Smokey eye shadow or big lashes when wearing your glasses, this can make your face look heavy.

Matching the style of your glasses and Earrings

Like your outfit can look unbalanced if you combine two totally different styles, the same can happen with the choice of glasses and earrings look unbalanced if you have two contrasting styles. If you like to wear classic glasses, then think about building an earring collection which is also classic; based around delicate studs, pearls and diamonds. If your glasses are more contemporary, you could look at earrings with a more geometric shape.  


Invest In More Glasses

If you look classier at work but is very casual outside your workplace, maybe you could invest in a different pair for work, a different one for the weekends and another pair for evenings out. Similar to the way you might wear different watch styles for day and evening, right? !   That way, you can choose a pair for every occasion which will allow you to wear your earrings.  

What Colour Are Your Glasses?

Matching glasses, earrings and clothes can be tricky but, you can always find the best way to do it. If you wear brown glasses, warm tone like tortoiseshell or burgundy, you will likely find using warm jewelry such as yellow and rose gold, booth will work perfectly. However, if your frames are silver, clear, or a cool tone like blue, then silver jewelry will work better for you. If you have black glasses, then you can choose for either kind of earrings: silver or gold.

Now, we have a big announcement for you: None Of These Rules Apply To Sunglasses!!!!


It’s sound silly but these rules don’t seem to apply when it comes to wearing sunglasses. You can wear hoop earrings, maxi earrings and booth work perfect with sunglasses. This can only be possible because as you can’t see your eyes, your look is naturally not as busy.

So… be free and the sky is the limit for you!!!